Project Description

day trip to cambutal

Cambutal is a quiet haven for seasoned surfers, yoga buffs, and serious fishermen. The single road running through the tiny community is lined with several small hotels, hostels, and tiny restaurants, a beautiful yoga retreat, a popular fishing resort, a smattering of homes, and an abundance of good energy. (The only thing missing is a grocery store!)

One of the major highlights, and the primary draw to Cambutal, is the popular 411 surf spot. And, if you love going to markets (like Fresh Friday in Pedasi), Cambutal’s monthly town market is held on the last Saturday of the month.

Cambutal is deceiving—when you come to the end of town, you might think you’ve hit the end of the road. Not true—IF you have a 4-wheel drive! The road goes on for quite a ways, winding between a stunning coastline and lush farmland. Drive it…you won’t be sorry! There are lots of spots to pull over and soak up.

This is a great spot for breakfast or lunch. Word of firsthand advice—if you’re eating fish, stick with the fresh catch of the day!


Map of Cambutal

Southwest of Guanico
Off Highway 2