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The Stone Diaries

(1 customer review)

Author: Carol Shields

Length: 361 pages
Type: Fiction, Physical Book
Genre: General, Literary, Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction, 1000 Books

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How can one define a life lived? If we had a chance to have our life story written, and then told through the eyes of those who were closest to us, what would they say about us, and more interestingly, how accurate would they be in truly understanding the inner nuances that make each of us tick? In “The Stone Diaries,” Carol Shields attempts to chronicle the life of Daisy Goodwill. It is a life first told through the eyes of Daisy, and then through the eyes of those who presumably knew her best: her friends, children and relatives. What is extraordinary about this book, is that one can look at a life lived in so many ways. Was Daisy Goodwill’s life uneventful, lacking the excitement and freedom of her more worldly friends? Or was it a full, rich life? Only the reader can make this determination. But what is fascinating about “The Stone Diaries” is how the determination of the value of Daisy’s life is so different, depending on the perspective that is taken. How much do we really know those people who we love the most? How well do we really know each other? This is a fascinating read, particularly for women who are living their life in full; however un-fascinating and uneventful that may seem.


1 review for The Stone Diaries

  1. Janet Dore

    I loved this book! I connected deeply with the main character, an elderly woman/mother who looks back on her life. Excellent writing.

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