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The Power of Your Intense Fragility

Author: Erika Harris

Length: 53 pages
Type: Non-fiction
Genre: Self Help

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“There are more than 7 billion people on Earth. Of those, 20% are born with highly refined nervous systems. 62 million Americans — 1.4 billion people worldwide — process things more deeply.

I believe our nervous systems have been wired for us to bring forth a different kind of leading, and a different kind of living… a radical departure from the rude, crude, violent, colonizing, crushing ways that have been so pervasive… and globally destructive.

I believe highly sensitive people are neurologically wired to step forward and bring forth many missing virtues from our culture… things like tenderness, compassion, empathy, benevolence, collaboration, inspiration, joy… virtues that have been confused for weakness, but are now vitally needed in every realm of our lives.

I have a clear vision of the innate trait of sensitivity fueling the most gorgeous outpouring of social transformation and personal bliss for the person who says, “Yes!” to this role, reward and responsibility.

I see the connection between heightened sensitivity and social transformation, and seeing that connection moves me to action. I work to help Sensitives feel and live from that connection, too.

‘You’re too sensitive! You need to toughen up… thicken your skin… get over yourself.’

Have you heard lovely statements like those most of your life? If so, this quick, one-sit read will serve as a primer in helping you grasp a different, more empowered perspective about your sensitivity. Included are insights and techniques that help you appreciate your heightened perception.

‘Nice’ people tend to wait for permission and approval before boldly asserting themselves, and confidently reaching for what lights them up. Well, here is your permission. And approval. Not that you needed either.”



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