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Stepping Forward

(1 customer review)

Author: Richard C. Harwood

Length: 168 pages
Type: Non-Fiction
Genre: Self Help/Spiritual

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A Positive, Practical Path to Transform Our Communities and Our Lives

“How do we bring people together when our society is breaking apart? What will it take to bridge our divides, overcome mistrust, and restore our belief that we can get things done together as Americans? How do we bring out the best in us? In Stepping Forward, Richard C. Harwood gives us a new and inspiring blueprint to rediscover what we share in common and actively build upon it. As a trusted civic voice, he argues that to get the country moving in the right direction, these efforts must start in our local communities.

Harwood shows us how we can reach within and beyond ourselves to address our shared challenges and create more purpose and meaning in our lives by–

– Being a part of something larger than ourselves and truly making a difference in our communities

– Refocusing on the desire for good in each other

– Unleashing a greater sense of shared responsibility

– Finding the courage and humility to take such a path

Americans are yearning for answers to the country’s rampant polarization, hate speech, and gridlock. Stepping Forward shows us how to channel our frustrations, energies, and aspirations to get on a more hopeful path.”


1 review for Stepping Forward

  1. Janet Doré

    I won this book on a Goodreads giveaway. I say this not only as a general disclaimer, but because it will explain why I chose to read a book that really wasn’t an ideal fit for me. In fairness, I did not let this impact my rating of the book!

    Every time I start a book I’ve won in a giveaway, I’m extremely tentative. While I’m a fan of self-publishing, like all other wonderful things in life, it isn’t perfect. I was thrilled to find this to be a well written book and I only found one minor typo!

    The author has an extensive background in helping organizations and communities transform and he is able to establish his credibility effectively, but humbly, from the very start.

    Richard Harwood’s theories on how to solve organizational and societal issues are excellent, insightful, and thoughtful. What resonated with me the most was the necessity of empowering each and every person, even the children.

    While the book didn’t have much relevance for this self-employed, work-at-home woman who is in transition between communities, I will say that I believe it should be required reading for anyone in any level of management in a private institution, everyone working in the public sector (especially teachers), and ALL politicians.

    The changes Richard espouses must start from the top. If they don’t, we’re going to start seeing more and more unrest and riots throughout the U.S.

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