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The (Future) Vista Cañas Library

She: A History of Adventure

Author: H R Haggard

Length: 118 pages
Type: Fiction, Kindle
Genre: Crime/Thriller, Romance, Historical, Mystery

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“Horace Holly, narrator of the novel, receives the visit of his colleague Vincey who, feeling his near end, tells him the extraordinary story of his lineage and gives him an iron trunk to give to his son, Leo Vincey, the day of his 25 years. Holly must also agree to become the tutor of Leo and to ensure the education of the latter.

The iron trunk will be opened on the prescribed date. Holly and Leo will then discover a parchment there, as well as a fragment of old vase — the shard of Amenartas — covered with inscriptions in different ancient languages and containing instructions to reach the kingdom of Kôr.

It also discusses Leo’s very ancient ancestry. Given Vincey’s insistence on the importance of this message and this mission, Leo, Holly and his servant Job decide to undertake, She, also known as Ayesha, or She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed.



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