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The (Future) Vista Cañas Library


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Author: Kevin Buckley

Length: 304 pages
Type: Non-Fiction, Physical Book
Genre: Historical, Travel, Panama

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“Written by a seasoned journalist and updated to include Noriega’s trial, this account of U.S. involvement in Panama “reads like a spy thriller” (Publishers Weekly). Buckley shows that U.S. policymakers were fully aware of Noriega’s drug-trafficking activities and his association with the Medelin cocaine cartel when they worked with him.”


1 review for Panama

  1. Janet Dore

    I first learned about Operation Just Cause on a walking tour of the El Chorrillo, the neighborhood that sustained massive damage in lives and property at the hands of the U.S. military. As a future Panama expat, I am passionate about learning Panama’s history so I can have a deeper understanding of current day culture, opinions and politics. The icing on the cake of this story was insight into a major event in U.S. history as well.

    My mind was both numbed by, and in awe of, the crazy amount of research that went into this book. So many players and events leading up to the violence that went down on 12/20/89. I also appreciated the neutrality with which all of the information was presented—Kevin Buckley was frank about the ineptitude and self service of both players.

    Any belief that my (U.S.) government is philanthropic has been completely obliterated. While I can understand why the administration felt the need to get involved, I am flabbergasted by the opportunities they squandered to do so in a way that preserved the rights and lives of those they claimed to be defending. This book makes it clear that the U.S. only cared about the U.S.

    Oh, and if you think our military operations are all well planned and executed, think again. Most involved in Operation Just Cause were characters straight out of a Keystone Cops movie, including our president and his key advisors.

    On the flip side, so many Panamanians who were in a position to help their country and their people only served themselves. I guess that’s what it means to be a politician no matter what your country.

    I’m proud of Panama for rising up after Noriega, doing an amazing job with the canal, and turning themselves into the kind of country that I, and many other aspiring expats, am excited to live in. And, I’m sorry for my country’s behavior.

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