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Mistress of the Revolution

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Author: Catherine Delors

Length: 451 pages
Type: Fiction
Genre: Historical

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An impoverished noblewoman, Gabrielle de Montserrat is only fifteen when she meets her first love, a commoner named Pierre-André Coffinhal. But her brother forbids their union, forcing her instead to marry an aging, wealthy cousin.

Widowed and a mother before the age of twenty, Gabrielle arrives at the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in time to be swept up in the emerging turbulence—and to encounter the man she never expected to see again. Determined and independent, she strives to find her own freedom— as the Revolution takes an ever more violent turn.


1 review for Mistress of the Revolution

  1. Janet Dore

    Well, I thought I knew what went down during the French Revolution…I had some pretty major details flat out wrong. I was pretty stunned by what I learned, which is reason enough for me to love this book. The other reason is Gabrielle, the main character, narrator, and relatable survivor of this amazing story.

    I’ve always said it’s quite likely, if presented with the option, I would have been a courtesan during this time when women were seen largely as property. Now, I have no doubt.

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