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Chat Love

(1 customer review)

Author: Justine Faeth

Length: 233 pages
Type: Fiction
Genre: Chick Lit

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“City girl Lucia is having trouble finding a man. With a few nudges from her friends, she decides to try out Chat Love, an online dating service for New Yorkers. Hilarity ensues with one disastrous date after another…where do these men come from? Mars? Certainly not Manhattan! She finally meets someone from work who is almost perfect, but decides to move on as he’s still seeing other women. She keeps in contact with a man named Jack on the Chat Love site. Could he be the one? What about her love interest at work? Just like the lovable cast of characters from Sex and the City, Lucia is Carrie, a stylish woman who has found her “Mr. Big” but can’t seem to get him to commit. Danni is Samantha, who loves to have fun and is wild and promiscuous. Autumn is Charlotte, desperate to meet the right man and settle down. Skyler is Miranda, level-headed and quick to offer advice. Will these ladies ever find love? Will Lucia find her man? Chat Love will give you something to talk about!”


1 review for Chat Love

  1. Janet Dore

    Light, predictable, and heartwarmingly sappy. Best for the late teen/20-something set or fans of Sophie Kinsella. Being 50, it was a walk down Memory Lane. I found myself relating to it more from my 19 year old daughters perspective, who I totally think should read it.

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